Gym & Fitness Studio Membership Growth

Unlimited Appointments. No Contracts. No Headache.

We develop goal-crushing strategies that are fueled by fitness trends, location research, and a true understanding of your ideal member’s needs. Average gym & studio generates 80+ new member appointments per month.

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Scale Your Gym Or Studio

The right marketing system will generate consistent memberships so you can grow.

Stress Less. Do More.

Most gym & fitness studio owners are overworked and underpaid. It’s easy to feel like a slave to your gym when you’re working all the time and barely staying a float.

Figuring out how to build a sustainable membership growth system while juggling your employees, taking care of your members, and focusing on all the other aspects of running a fitness facility can be overwhelming.

With Untapped Revenue, owners can focus more on providing a top-quality service instead of constantly chasing new leads. Our done-for-you service gets bodies in your doors.

Not leads. Not appointments. People interested in joining your facility walking through your doors.

This way you can focus on what you do best - helping people become the best version of themselves!

More Happy Members.

Less Hassle.

Untapped Revenue Membership Growth System.

We include a full demo of our system so that you can decide if our service is right for you before committing.

We cover the entire process of generating new leads, following up, setting appointments, and getting to show up. That way you can focus on what's important - taking care of your members!

But Don't Take Our Word For it.

Hear From Our Clients!

163 Trial Sign Ups In 30 Days!

Within the first month of switching over to Untapped Revenue Dan generated 163 trialers and converted over 50% onto membership!


200 New Trials In 30 Days!

Jeannette had over 200 new people walk in their doors in under 30 days! The support and system we deliver has helped Jeannettes studio save hundreds of hours while converting more members then she could imagine.


100 New Members In 3 Months

Sherry was struggling to get new clients in her studio. She felt hopeless until switching over to our system. After 3 months we were able to double her auto pay memberships to over 200. This excludes all the revenue generated from class pack purchases.


58 New Members In 3 Weeks!

Within the first month of switching over to Untapped Revenue Todd generated $7,000 on the front end and grew his EFT by $4,000 in just 3 weeks! We had to shut off the system so they could catch up!


$168,868 Generated In 2 months!

Elliot was struggling with their paid ads until switching over to Untapped Revenue. For his two locations they were able to generate 273 challenge sign ups at $499 each. That brought in $49,220.87 at one location and $119,647.40 at the other.


40 New Ideal Members For The Gym

Boz was struggling to get new clients in the gym that were a good fit for his program. After 3 months we were able to reach his goal of 40 new members that were a perfect fit for his gym.


42 Trial Memberhsips After 1 Week!

When we started running ads for James he was getting $0.50 leads! After the first 6 days we brought in 142 leads for a $17 paid trial. This translated into 42 trial memberships in 1 week of advertising with only $77 of ad spend.


$23,000 Generated In 1 Month!

Mike was having trouble growing because his acquisition was never able to increase above his attrition. After the first month working with us he signed 31 new members, which resulted in just over $23,000 in contract revenue.

Mike Drake

Customer Service Out Of Bounds!

Meghan needed help with her client retention and acquisition systems. So we gave her the tools and tactics we use to scale gyms to 100,000/month and now she has these systems in place for both her gyms.


How We Do It

In order to build a sustainable membership growth system that can consistently and predictably bring people in your doors we follow this framework.


We assess your current bottle neck holding your studio back.


We plan our strategy around proven tactics working today.


We constantly test and adapt our strategy so we can constantly improve.


We implement and systemize what works and scrap the rest.


Lastly, we double down on what's working and scale.

The 5 Keys To Scaling Your Fitness Studio to $100,000/month

This framework is what we use to scale gyms & fitness studios to $100,000 per month and beyond!

Whether you are struggling with lead generation, appointment setting, show up rates, sales, or retention, these 5 steps can solve every bottle neck many gym & fitness studio owners face.

Meet The Founders

Alec Littlejohn

Derek Vervoorn

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